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About Frankton, Indiana

Frankton, Indiana was first settled by Jacob Sigler who arrived with his family from Virginia in 1829 and purchased 80 acres of land. The Sigler family was very prominent in the town's early days, and the name comes from that of Francis "Frank" Sigler, who helped design the town and served as its first postmaster.

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The History of Frankton

Frankton settled by Jacob Sigler in 1829 (an Article from the Call-Leader)


EDITOR’S NOTE: This story was originally published in the Call-Leader in 1949 and provides a glimpse into Frankton’s historic past.  The original story was written by the late Rowland Peters, former editor of the Call-Leader.


There’s an old saying which goes like this: “You can’t keep a good man down.”


Whoever coined that expression confined the subject to man but it is as applicable to communities as it is to humans.

Five miles southeast of Elwood there is a community which stands as proof of applying the saying to communities as well as to man.


Forty-five years ago Frankton was down.  A gas boom which had attracted national attention had fallen flat.  Frankton was being deserted by hundreds who had flocked there in search of jobs and possible wealth -- the wealth that gas has been known to produce.  It was being kicked on all sides by the economic boot and its future held no tangible promises of the town becoming any more than a ghost village.


But there were those who did not leave and, of course, there were natives to whom Frankton, big or little, wealthy or poor, famous or obscure, was home.

Working around Frankton

We are proud of our small town and neighborly lifestyle in Frankton, Indiana. Check out our local directory and area jobs.
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