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Frankton, Indiana

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About Us

Frankton offers many ways to bring the community together, Churches - Frankton Christian, First United Methodist Church, and Madison Christian Church. We also have the Frankton Christian Church Community Building and the “Factory” sponsored by community organizations, including; The Lions Club, The American Legion, and the Frankton Masonic Lodge, each committed to various causes.

Our Community

Frankton is quite literally in the middle of everywhere.  If you are seeking a tremendous quality of living and easy access to 'things to do', look no further.


From trails to parks, museums to galleries, festivals of all kinds to live summer concert series there always something fun to do in town and across the area.

Living rural has it's advantages and everything you need is still just up the road or around the corner. 

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Find your next job or career on the local/area jobs listings page.  You are an important part of our community whether you are looking for a job or have one to list.

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